For Aesthetic Appeal Choose Suspended Ceilings London

If you wish to modernise your working surroundings, a suspended ceiling helps to create a newer, more contemporary appearance. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your building, but they also provide a wide selection of benefits, including; enhanced insulation, moisture resistance, enriched acoustics as well as noise reduction.

The procedure involved when installing a suspended ceiling entails the implementation of a secondary ceiling. This second ceiling is hung underneath the building’s main structural ceiling, providing a warmer, more comfortable environment, to be appreciated by all. At Suspended Ceilings London, we can install suspended ceilings in a wide selection of properties, from offices to schools and factories to retail outlets.

Accessorise Your Suspended Ceiling Systems

We provide a comprehensive range of suspended ceilings, all of which can be accessorised with lighting, canopies and other fixings, in order to ensure your suspended ceiling meets your performance requirements. No matter on the period or style of your building, our professional members of staff can install a suspended ceiling from a wide selection of designs, textures, colours and grids – providing limitless suspended ceiling possibilities. You can make your room your own with a suspended ceiling, whilst attaining attributes that match the requirements of your building.

Choose Suspended Ceiling Tiles To Suit Your Premises

We provide a wide array of suspended ceilings and panels to ensure your taste and preference is catered for. The tiles and panels of a suspended ceiling are the most visible feature of your new suspended ceiling. This is why it is vital that the tiles are aesthetically pleasing. You can choose from an easy-to-clean vinyl tile to a moisture resistant tile.

Our staff can also recommend a tile that is suited to your environment, for instance, if the suspended ceiling tiles required are for a hospital or medical environment, we would suggest that you choose a micro-organism resistant tile, whilst a flat tile may be better suited to an office environment.

Brighten Things Up With Suspended Ceiling Lights

Lighting is an essential factor of any building, whether it’s your work place, your home or your child’s school. Dependant on the environment in question will depend on the style of lighting that you require. Whether you need to highlight a specific part of your room, or you need a well-lit room for increased visibility, you can achieve either with the use of suspended ceiling lights.

A well-lit room can make a huge difference to the work place by creating an environment that is easier to work within. Enhanced levels of light can assist in the increase of motivation and concentration, not to mention boosting morale within your workforce.

Increase Insulation Levels With Suspended Ceiling Insulation

Insulation for your suspended ceiling provides an inexpensive solution to keep your building warm and comfortable. Provided at a competitive rate, our suspended ceiling installations mean you can benefit from a lightweight and simplistic material at a cheap rate. We provide insulation either by the roll or by insulation pad. They come available in a selection of different sizes and can be installed in a relatively short period of time.